Shore of Atlantis

By racket racket

Artem and Sasha from relative new kid on the block and kindred spirit, Krossfingers, come good with the latest Racket Racket mix. Fingers krossed, you like it.

Shore Of Atlantis: Krossfingers mix on RR
Shore of Atlantis

We’ve been very impressed by the musical compass and general good taste of these two Ukranians over the last few months. Sasha Tessio and Artem (Super) Ikra run Krossfingers – A top class new blog and musical community. They definitely have a similar ethos to Racket Racket, in terms of the type of music that floats their boat. A gregarious balance of the obscure and the populist in an ‘if it’s good, it’s good’ pivotal point of perception. Their blog has featured mixes from some RR favourites like Nick from Seek Magic, GK Machine and Sasha and Artem, themselves, as well as a big handful of their own contacts, friends and cohorts. We approve of their approach and of the outcome.

This mix was recorded by both founding members, live in February, at Krossfingers HQ (and if they mean the same thing as we do when mentioning RR HQ, that means one of their bedrooms). But who’s counting or caring on that front. The main thing is the tunes are a treat, from beginning to end. New Age funk, lo-fi 60s French folk, mellow electronic Balearic vibes, off-kilter European new wave pop, some stunningly psychedelic, freaky jazz-based moments, a spot of Buckingham Nicks and a touch of Rick Wakeman; as well as tracks from two recent stand-out re-issues in RR and, evidently, Krossfingers land, too – Gigi Masin and Merge. A very chilled out affair essentially, perfect for Monday or at any point that suits you, the listener, when relaxing is the order of the day. Enjoy it.

Check out Krossfingers on their actual blog here and on that mad Facebook thing here. These guys are into it for the right reasons, which counts a lot in the Racket Racket book.

And keep an eye on our friends at Test Pressing for a mix from the Krossfingers gentlemen in the not-too-distant future.

More mixes on Racket Racket can be found here if you’re interested.


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