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By racket racket

Very pleased to announce a new monthly RR daytime music session at The Arches Cafe Bar in Glasgow city centre. The last Saturday of the month from 2pm onwards. Pop in.

Racket Racket and Friends at The Arches
Starting on Saturday 26th April, the sessions will feature friends, cohorts and contributors like David Barbarossa, Pete Burton, Joel Shaw, Ewan Chambers and Adam Taylor on rotation with RR’s Andy McColgan, as well as guests from Glasgow and further afield every once in a while too. Stay tuned for more news on who and when, as and when.

The musical vibe will be suitable daytime Saturday listening from around the world and across the board. Anyone who keeps an eye on the site will know what we mean there. A good mixture of some classic and some overlooked pop beauties balanced with unknown diamonds and gems, taking in folk, dub, reggae, disco, Afrobeat, new wave, no wave, J-pop, soul, boogie, new age, yacht rock, soft rock, funk, skiffle and the like with a wee whisper of the psychedelic and a hint of the cosmic for good measure. Sunshine sounds for the mind, body and soul, we hope.

The sessions will begin nice and laid back and progress into more party and dance orientated territory as the night goes on. The Arches have an excellent food menu (and serve drinks too) so it it’s not only ideal for this, but also one of the best places to hang out in Glasgow on any given Saturday afternoon and evening. Also, we feel, the perfect spot to ‘unwind’ if you’ve been up all night Friday and keen to keep the party fire burning into Saturday.

Hope to see some of your friendly faces there over the coming months. An open door policy awaits.

(Huge thanks to Tam Wilson for the tremendous poster artwork above.)

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