Douze Danses

By racket racket

Invisible Inc. label head, GK Machine, gets the proverbial party started with a brand new mix for us packed to the gunnels with top new dance records – all 12 tracks either released or reissued in 2015, the majority of them in the last couple of months. Perfect fodder for the festive season.

GK Machine's Douze Danses Mix on Racket Racket
Douze Danses

Glasgow’s GK Machine (AKA Gordon MacKinnon) has been very generous with his output and enthusiasm for Racket Racket since the site’s inception four years ago and we’re beyond chuffed to have another top new mix from the man to jump start your December party spirit. The mix takes in 12 tracks (hence the mix’s title, lazily inspired by Aksak Maboul’s Onze Danses from which one track features in this mix) all mixed from vinyl, off-the-cuff and unplanned.

Here’s what GK himself says:

The mix started off in my mind and then as a few scribbles on paper with a completely different track list, then I got drunk and this happened. I think only 2 tracks from the original idea are actually in here…

The best laid plans, eh?

It’s basically a fantastic mix though. From Patrick Cowley to Michael Ozone and from Golden Teacher to Last Waltz with plenty to get excited about in between. Gordon has a new Invisible Inc. EP coming out in February and some other tracks coming out on a couple of other labels in 2016. Watch out folks – they’ll be top drawer, we’re sure.

Check out his previous two mixes on RR here and here.

And expect a new mix in the near future on Chris Galloway of Soft Rocks’ Pure Pleasure Music site.

Invisible Inc’s SoundCloud page is worth a perusal as well. And for the entire overview here’s the Invisible Inc. website.

Image above is a jumping dancefloor at The Diamond Club in late 1980s Toronto. Thanks to the excellent Then And Now Toronto blog for that one. A superb article on the very club can be found here.

More mixes on RR as well, here.

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