Trapdoor Melancholy

By racket racket

An ode to Prefab Sprout and Paddy McAloon, lovingly crafted by Nick Cubley from the Seek Magic squad who, you might say, is a bit of a fan… Hope you enjoy his retrospective tribute to one of the best.

Download here.

This collection isn’t a ‘greatest hits’, nor is it a selection of obscurities. It is simply a collection of my favourite recordings from my musical hero. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, putting it together…

– Nick Cubley, October 2018, Newcastle upon Tyne.


  1. Sleeping Rough (I Trawl the Megahertz, 2003)
  2. All Boys Believe Anything (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)
  3. The Venus Of The Soup Kitchen (From Langley Park To Memphis, 1988)
  4. Desire As (Steve McQueen, 1985)
  5. Cruel (Swoon, 1984)
  6. Bonny (Acoustic) (Steve McQueen Legacy Edition, 2007)
  7. The Sound Of Crying (Single, 1992)
  8. Jordan: The Comeback (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)
  9. Enchanted (From Langley Park To Memphis, 1988)
  10. God Watch Over You (Let’s Change The World With Music, 2009)
  11. Billy (Crimson / Red, 2013)
  12. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) (Single, 1983)
  13. Moving The River (Steve McQueen, 1985)
  14. Jesse James Symphony (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)
  15. Jesse James Bolero (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)
  16. Dublin (Protest Songs, 1985)
  17. Swans (Andromeda Heights, 1997)
  18. He’ll Have To Go (B-side 1986)
  19. When Love Breaks Down (Acoustic) (Steve McQueen Legacy Edition, 2007)
  20. Til The Cows The Home (Protest Songs, 1985)
  21. I Remember That (From Langley Park To Memphis, 1988)
  22. Wild Horses (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)
  23. Weightless (Andromeda Heights, 1997)
  24. Wichita Lineman (KCRW Radio, 1988)
  25. Appetite / Hey Manhatten / Nancy, Let Your Hair Down For Me (KCRW Radio, 1988)
  26. Mercy’ (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)
  27. I Trawl The Megahertz (I Trawl the Megahertz, 2003)
  28. Earth, The Story So Far (Let’s Change The World With Music, 2009)
  29. Doo Wop In Harlem (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)

If you enjoyed that then watch Prefab Sprout Live in Munich, 1985. And then why not see what Paddy McAloon himself thought of one of Stevie Wonder’s more obtuse LPs here.


  1. Dan Gisbourne

    Hi there,

    I really enjoyed listening to your Paddy Tribute, thanks very much for doing this.

    I can’t download it though for some reason, any chance you could send it to me.
    Regards Dan

  2. Dan Gisbourne

    Hi again.

    Ive now downloaded it ok, Thanks very Much 🙂

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