Dark Star

By racket racket

Very pleased to present a mix from Krautrock and general experimental German music aficionado, Iron Blu, AKA Mick FlightRecorder, best known for his quality, cosmic radio show on Intergalactic FM. Genießen!

Dark Star: A Iron Blu mix on RR
Dark Star

Our good mate, Pete Burton, put us in touch with Iron Blu recently and we’re glad he did. The mix he’s provided for us is a first class tripped-out ticket to cosmic, Krautrock and experimental German greatness. The guy knows his stuff. Inside out. Most good music on the boundaries of the mainstream these days (and for the last 30 years or so) has owed at least a nod to the boundary-pushing experiments of the German music scene of the 60s, 70s and 80s and whether you’re familiar with those kinda vibes or not, this mix will educate and illuminate your mind. It may well mess with it too, so don’t say you haven’t been warned. It’s ‘out there’, for want of a better cliché.

From the motorik to the ambient; and from the electronically focused to the psychedelically strange, beat-combo driven, the mix takes us through most of the nooks and crannies the broad genre and scene in Germany encompassed. Ja, sehr guht… If you like this one, you can keep an eye and an ear on Iron Blu’s output on his SoundCloud page – where more otherworldy and ethereally cosmic sounds await. Also worth checking, is his regular and brilliant Radio Oscillations show on the peerless, Intergalactic FM.

Full Iron Blu biz can be found here.

And, more mixes on RR to be tucked into, here.

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