Waiting For The Miracle

By racket racket

Mo Morris, of ZSOU proto-notoriety, delivers a trippy, hippy, mellow, yellow selection for the latest mix for RR. Sent with love from Jakarta.

Waiting For The Miracle: Mo Morris mix on RR
Waiting For The Miracle
Although we were aware of Mo’s name for some time, it was a mix he done for those impeccably tasteful fellas down under at Noise In My Head a year or two back that cemented his place in our mix shortlist. That one was an amazing dance-floor filler that hopped about the genres like a kangaroo on acid. There’s another mix on NIMH from Mo that’s much more of an ambient affair but also full to the brim with top drawer selections. For this RR mix, Waiting For The Miracle, Mr Morris takes us to a more down-tempo and chilled out part of town – at sunrise… Just like we like our mixes on RR. Especially on a lazy Sunday. One of many standouts on this blissed out hour and a bit journey is an exclusive from Yella Toof called Ballad for a Cruel World, right at the end. Simply stunning.

Probably best known for A Mountain Of One, Mo now collaborates with Merrick Adams on the ZSOU project who have just released a fantastic double AA called, Admiral Byrd / Admiral Dub on the Island of the Gods label which – if you haven’t already – you should get your mits on. Also, have a listen to his recent outstanding mix for Beats In Space. You can keep up to speed with ZSOU tunes on their Facebook and SoundCloud page and keep an eye and an ear out for future Mo Morris and ZSOU releases and mixes, spanning the genres like Methuselah spanned the ages. Amazing taste and we are very grateful for this amazing mix. Hope you like it as much we, at RR, do.

CFCF – Camera
ZZ Top- Asleep in the Desert
Lena Platonos – Shadow of Blood
This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren
Velvet Underground – Ocean
Apelsin – Igatsus
Brian Eno & Robert Fripp – Evening Star
Daryl Hall – The Further Way I Am
Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk
Mark Fry – Song for the Wild
Cooley Munson – In the Rain
Television – Guiding Light
Tuxedomoon – In a Manner of Speaking
Leonard Cohen – Waiting for the Miracle
Yella Toof – Ballad for a Cruel World

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(Image above is from the outstanding and legendary, Peter Max. Check his work out.)

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