Special French

By racket racket

French disco and pop mix from Sacha Mambo who runs the Macadam Mambo label that specialises in re-edits of rare disco tracks from around the world.

Macadam Mambo's Special French mix on Racket Racket
Special French

To say this one’s solely concerned with pop and disco would be doing the mix an injustice actually. It’s a playful and uplifting mixture of obscure French tracks from the 70s and 80s that takes in a wide range of styles, scenes and tempos. From proper proto electro-tinged numbers through to some amazing synth-poppy vibes, it flows seamlessly from hi-nrg disco and post punk funk to smooth reggae and lover’s rock with tonnes of fun in between and beyond. A joy, basically, from start to end and right up la rue de Racket Racket. Sacha and the label know their stuff and obviously don’t take themselves too seriously either which makes for a most enjoyable listening experience. C’est magnifique.

Having first become aware of the Macadam Mambo label fairly recently through Craig from Joe’s Bakery’s mix on Test Pressing, which featured Muslim Disco Club’s sublime, Osjecam track, we’ve been delighted to discover more of the label’s output over the last few weeks and months. This mix that Sacha has generously provided, Special French, is the perfect party starter and should prove to be suitably entertaining. To keep up to date with their releases and general goings-on, the Macadam Mambo SoundCloud profile is worth keeping an eye on here. And at the end of this month, their latest releases, MME606 and MMX101 will be out in all good record shops. Check the Macadam Mambo website here as well. Predicting good things from MM, from here on in.

(Image above is a 1930s French pharmaceutical advert found on the impeccable 50 Watts website)

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  1. ditha

    tres tres bon, tres tres fier…. super mixe

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