90s Club Flyers #1

By racket racket

A huge thank you to Moggie who once ran the superb Ripped In Glasgow blog for sharing these Scottish clubnight flyers from the 90s with us.

Whether you’re looking for a trip down memory lane or an insight into DIY club flyer design back in the day, these should prove fun. The selection on show here also rams home just how great we have it in Glasgow (and to an extent Edinburgh) in terms of quality underground club music nights; and the fact that this has always been the case – attracting the finest names in the biz whilst simultaneously producing talent that equals those names. A special mention to both Terry and Jason’s PussyPower and to Dribbler, Twitch and Brainstorm’s Pure night. And keep an eye out, as there’ll be more where these came from on RR this time next week.

If you want to follow Moggie (who, incidentally, apologises profusely for the blu tack) on Twitter you can do that here, and if you’re interested in joining the Ripped In Glasgow Fb group, then Email ’em…

Club 69

Solar 3


Aphex Twin at PussyPower


Out of all of the nights represented here, the one which has had the biggest lasting impact on me was ‘Subterranea’ (flyer below) – an illicit boat party organised by the notorious Pussypower brigade from Glasgow. You had to meet up at Granton Pier in Edinburgh at midnight, before sailing off and returning at 8am. I was still relatively new to the clubbing scene and this sounded like the best thing ever…

I remember that we had three tickets between four of us (or was it four between five?), so ended up photocopying and laminating one up DeCourcy’s Aracde on the afternoon of the trip. Thankfully it worked. Managed to miss the bus to Edinburgh, which wasn’t the best start to proceedings but got the train then a taxi to Granton Pier and the boat was still there. Phew!!

The boat got delayed in leaving as someone had forgotten a turntable and they had to go and borrow one from The Venue (home of Pure/Wave)! Very makeshift, with slipmats made from Budweiser box cut-outs. Anyway, the boat ended up circling under the Forth Bridge to create massive waves, then floating about all over the place. Still remember hearing Quadrant – Infinition and The Age Of Love on that boat like it was yesterday.

One of the best nights of my life! Nights like these are ingrained in my memory – can’t believe I can remember such minute details despite the nick I was in at the time (20 years ago!), mind you as any ex-clubber knows it’s all about the short term memory loss…

– Moggie (Ripped In Glasgow)

PussyPower Boat Trip

Pure with Garnier and Dribbler

Carl Craig at PussyPower

Richie Hawtin

David Holmes

Body Mechanics

Felix Da Housecat

Pure at the Barras

Pure with Juan Atkins

As mentioned, more of Moggie’s club flyers next week. If you’ve got a keen interest in the Scottish clubbing landscape and general cultural goings-on of yesteryear you should have a read of Dribbler’s Tramway Rave article as well because it’s brilliant.


  1. Bruce Morton

    What a nostalgia rush! I was on that boat. And at many other Pussypower events. Happy daze. Thanks for posting. B.

  2. racket racket

    Thanks for reading Bruce! And glad the memories are flooding back! Catch you soon.

    Best, Andy

  3. Bruce Morton

    That boat trip was my introduction. Terry & Jason made vinyl fly. Still do. Love to Moggie for bringing Subterranea up.

  4. Angus Keiller

    Hi, is there any chance that i could purchase some of these? They are pretty sick!

  5. moggieboy

    Thanks for all the kind words – I’m afraid the flyers aren’t for sale though…

  6. Zubair

    Fecking hell, that boat rave was unbelievable. Pink new Yorkers, terry & jason doing what they did best, dru Munro gurning like a bastard 🙂 great memories

  7. Daz

    Was on that boat too./ with Colso, Jason and various others out of EK. seem to recall the crew being a bit pissed off that too many people were on board…sure there was a delay for that.
    all the Industria crew, Pure also. jeez. too many hazy memories.
    been a lot of places, clubs etc ,. squatting in holland and Industria was so far out there. Snowballs…lol incredible.

  8. Daz

    Anyone remember going on a double decker bus to a mad party on some farm?? not even sure what direction we went but do recall the bus getting semi stuck down a cul de sac and having to unload everyone so he could trurn it. might have been lesmahagow sort of way.

  9. mattyk

    saw aphex twin at Industria and have that poster somewhere
    terry and jason were top guys
    good times
    also saw Black Dog there which was ace

    that boat trip sounds amazing 🙂

  10. Daz

    Aphex Twin was my first time at a house/techno night.

    one snowball and the Aphex fella changed my life. beyond all recognition.

    saw him some time later at the Barrowland with Hawkwind.. mad fucken night that was too..lol

  11. Terry Macdonald (Pussypower)

    Aye, great daze indeed! The farm was the business! It was out by Uddingston. Did lots of great nights there. And the boat (Subterranea) was a blast too. I’ve still got wads of those flyers and posters. I’ll need to post them up on Facebook! The Knuckles flyer was for a short lived night in the Ventura club, down stairs in King St, that was me (Cadaver), Pure and Optimo’s Keith McIvor (Stigmata) and Jason (Stage Diver)! We played anything and everything that came into out heads, from punk to industrial to country and techno and all points in between. A precursor to Optimo really.

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