Column of Smoke

By racket racket

Tolouse Low Trax from the band Kreidler, who’s also heavily involved at the revered Salon Des Amateurs venue in Dusseldorf, comes with a top new mix for your listening pleasure.

Tolouse Low Trax's Column of Smoke Mix
Column of Smoke
Also a talented visual artist Detlef Weinrich, who produces solo material under the name Tolouse Low Trax, is a member of experimental and electronic German pop band Kreidler as well as being involved with many other noble and notable musical and artistic endeavours. On 25th and 26th October of this year, Kreidler will be involved in a Conny Plank tribute event in London – more on Racket Racket about that event very soon but suffice to say it’ll be a good one and definitely worth a trip to the big smoke for. He’s also a prominent member of Dusseldorf cafe/bar/venue space, Salon des Amateurs. A venue which by all accounts should be visited if you’re ever in that neck of the woods – Great music policy where the more experimental and unusual the better, is more often than not the case. It sounds like a great place.

Column of Smoke sees a really interesting and varied selection of what might be broadly referred to as ‘electronic head music’. Music which gives a nod to the pioneering German artists of the late 60s and 70s but with a more up-to-date sensibility overall. Some of the selections veering towards the weirder and experimental whilst other moments have a genuinely accessible pop nature going on. His own tracks at the end, one of which may be getting a proper physical release soon, are amongst the many high points of his mix. You can check out some of Det’s solo work on SoundCloud and keep up to date with Kreidler news on their website and if visual art floats your boat, check out this piece, which features the man’s excellent work, on Contemporary Art Daily.

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