Glasgow 1980

By racket racket

Reach out for Glasgow 1980. A half hour documentary feature from 1971 about the ‘dynamism’ of planned change in the city.

Directed by the acclaimed photographer and film maker Oscar Marzaroli, this half hour programme focuses on the industrial, social and architectural plans the city was faced with in the early 70s and makes for a very entertaining bit of telly. Whether you think those changes, in the main, were for better or for worse is almost irrelevant – the particularly charming early 1970s vintage of the public information film (and the content and commentary) makes it an endearing, fascinating and educational insight into Glasgow at the time – a city in flux. There’s a particularly swinging section about local night life at about ten minutes in. Enjoy.

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  1. Roy

    The new bank at 4.24 is being demolished as we speak!

  2. Roy

    The music sequence around 19:00 is amazin!

  3. Roy

    That’s got to be one of the most ironic-in-hindsight endings ever..

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