A Trip Around Acid House

By racket racket

This classic documentary from 1988 takes a look at the early days of the sinister and evil cult of acid house in the UK.

Our mate, DJ Dribbler’s article on the Tramway Rave of 1989 reminded us of this documentary from around the same time. Interviews with punters, the press and some closely associated with the embryonic scene about their views on it, footage of early warehouse raves, discussion about new drug, ecstasy and on the police and media’s overreaction to the acid house phenomenon comprising the bulk of this on

e. Pay special attention to the wise words of the Sunday People’s very own Acid House Correspondent about half way through. Good work if you can get it.

The documentary was originally shown on ITV’s World In Action current affairs series and was produced by Granada Television. Take 25 minutes out your day and watch it.

Let us take you to a place we know you wan’t to go. It’s a Good Life.

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  1. Paul Gray

    I’m off down the Job Centre first thing Monday morning to apply for the position of Acid House Corrispondent, think I’d be damn good at it! Would love to read Russ Foremans article, where can one lay ones eyes upon it?

  2. racket racket

    Hi Paul,

    Totally. Wouldn’t mind a stab at the role myself…

    Dribbler’s article can be found right here: http://racketracket.co.uk/music/rave-tramway/

    Cheers for now and thanks for reading the Racket Racket.

  3. Paul Gray

    Perfect accompaniment to the documentary, was at the Tramway Rave myself, bus from Fever in Aberdeen, his article and flyer brought every memory floodin’ back. Thanks for the memories, love the site!

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